Investing in breakthorugh climate innovations

Transformation Drives oportunity

Nomea is a leading climate tech fund that invests in disruptive early stage companies to lead the world to net zero emissions.

While climate change is humanity’s greatest challenge, it also presents a multi-trillion dollar investment opportunity in commercializing ground breaking technologies that accelerate global decarbonization.

We partner with intrepid founders by providing capital, strategic guidance, operational expertise, and business development to scale breakthrough innovations that enable the transition to a sustainable energy future.

Reaching net zero

Our mission is to reduce the levels of CO2e in the atmosphere, while delivering outsized returns to our investors. We back extraordinary entrepreneurs developing the next generation of climate technologies, and helping them grow into highly profitable and impactful enterprises.

What we value

Our values are deeply embedded into our investment philosophy. With those values we aim to adhere to the highest ethical standards, as we work collaboratively to reverse the climate crisis.

Shaping the future

Humanity is on the brink of the largest set of changes that has ever occurred; from coal and oil to wind and solar, from engine cars to electric vehicles, from meat and dairy products to plant-based alternatives and the list goes on.

This vast technological transformation will radically change the global economy, paving the way for net zero technologies. We focus on five main areas that are paramount to the world’s decarbonization and present attractive investment opportunities.

We're ready, are you?

We partner with outstanding founders supporting a net zero future. Working on a breakthrough technology with massive climate impact potential?
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Climate tech will house the next generation of unicorns