Climate First: Cohort 1 introduced

Climate First Cohort one consists of ten innovative climate tech companies with significant decarbonization potential, outstanding teams, and an established track record of excellence. We are proud to support these high growth businesses go to market faster and reduce millions of tons of CO2e.

Criaterra:Developing decarbonized construction materials based on a kilen-free, zero cement technology.

Daika:Utilizing waste streams to create competitive and circular wood products.

Gigaton:Highly scalable ocean fertilization and sedimentation solution to remove and store carbon dioxide.

Helios:Eliminating CO2 emissions from the steel industry via a novel technology.

Hydro X: Developing a disruptive hydrogen storage technology to unlock the hydrogen era.

Luminescent: Developing the first liquid-based isothermal engine to produce zero emissions electricity.

Momentick:Utilizing computer vision to identify and quantify greenhouse gas emissions on a planetary scale.

Nakai Robotics: Autonomous hull clearing and inspection platform to reduce emissions from the shipping industry. 

QD-SOL: Scalable and affordable green hydrogen via an innovative nanoparticle photovoltaic process.

Zohar Cleantech: Offering a decentralized waste to energy technology to revolutionize the waste management industry. 

For more information visit the portfolio section of Climate First site