ClimateCrop: Small Edit, Big Impact

We are thrilled to announce our investment in ClimateCrop! 

Capitalizing on transformative gene editing techniques, ClimateCrop unlocks the full potential of photosynthesis, enhancing the ability of crops to absorb sunlight, resulting in high yielding crops with increased adaptability, climate resilience, and growth rates.

ClimateCrop’s climate impact potential is massive!

Agriculture is responsible for 19% of global emissions, with over 50% of earth’s habitable land dedicated solely to agricultural practices. Global population is set to reach 10 billion by 2050, up from 8 billion today. Meeting the world’s growing food demand in the coming decades while reducing emissions poses a real challenge. One that requires new innovative approaches that enable plants to harness more energy, store more carbon, and produce higher yields.

Powered by decades of R&D in the renowned Weizmann Institute of Science, the ClimateCrop team with their cutting edge IP are on track to slash agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, while using less land and feeding more people. We are proud to back such an incredible founding team led by Yehuda Borenstein, and are dedicated to supporting them in growing and scaling their operations.

Read more about ClimateCrop in an interview they did with IndieBio in the link below:

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