Electrifying Transportation for a Net Zero Future

Fascinating panel discussion on sustainable mobility where Nadav alongside other industry leaders discussed ways to decarbonize the transportation sector.

Nadav was delighted to participate in an engaging conversation along with Tal Cohen, founding partner at Drive TLV and Next Gear Ventures, Avi Feldman, managing partner at Mobilion Ventures, and Hemdat Sagi, chief strategy and business development at Konnect-VW Group Innovation Hub TLV.

Together they covered the latest developments and emerging technologies in the mobility and transportation sector and shared examples of exciting innovations from their portfolios. They also discussed the main bottlenecks for further adoption of electric vehicles, recent advances in battery technology and recycling methods, and promising technologies in the space that should be watched closely.

During the panel Nadav emphasized that electrification is not a passing trend, but a revolution! In order to reach net zero by mid century we need to electrify all possible means of transportation, scale breakthrough technologies, and focus on developing innovations like the next generation of batteries that will enable this transition seamlessly. Nadav expressed that while transportation already attracts the largest amounts of capital in climate tech, it is also responsible for about half of the unicorns in the space. Further investments in areas such as long-haul transportation, shipping, aviation, and trucking are also necessary to commercialize low carbon technologies that will replace the existing incumbents and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Follow the link below to watch the full panel discussion.