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Introducing Climate First

Introducing Climate First, a next generation climate tech accelerator.  

Climate First supports Israeli climate tech innovation, paving its pathway to global markets. Founded by Nadav Steinmetz, founder of Nomea, and Guy Cherni, founder of High House, the Climate First program focuses solely on climate, providing tailored support to purpose driven Israeli founders building groundbreaking climate solutions to reach global emissions targets.  

Capitalizing on an extensive global network of experts, mentors, and experienced entrepreneurs’ climate first offers a robust eight week scale up program to help startups grow their operations and go to market faster. The program provides extensive mentorship opportunities, hands-on support, access to leading field experts, mentors, investors, as well as corporates, and potential customers.

At the end of the program, startups will embark on an exclusive roadshow in the UK, the second largest climate hub, to meet new investors and business partners.

Climate First is powered by Nomea and HighHouse, we at Nomea are proud to work with inspiring minds, and look forward to continue supporting extraordinary innovation to further reduce global emissions at scale.