Keynote Alert!

We are excited to share that Nadav Steinmetz will be speaking at the upcoming  PLANETech World Conference on September 21st, the first climate tech conference in Israel! With over 1,500 attendees and 100 Climate tech startups at the event, this is a great opportunity to take the climate tech ecosystem to the next level.

PLANETech is leading the Israeli climate tech ecosystem, by building knowledge and tools, developing partnerships, and promoting the implementation of technologies. PLANETech is a non-profit organization, a joint venture of the Israel Innovation Institute and Consensus Business Group.

Nadav is delighted to share his views on the climate tech ecosystem, the importance of early stage venture capital, and how to source and invest in the next generation of climate breakthroughs. Nadav will also cover Nomea’s investment strategy, why we’re excited to fund more Israeli climate tech startups, and discuss the key technologies for decarbonization that are not yet commercially viable.

More information can be found here.