Nomea Arrives at United Nation’s COP27 in Sharm-El-Sheik

We were delighted to attend COP27 this year, where we met with global leaders to discuss in depth how we can drive further decarbonization and protect our planet.

It was an absolute honor to partner with and help establish Israel’s first climate tech delegation, who represented the country in the UN’s COP27 in Sharm-El-Sheik, Egypt from Nov 6th – Nov 18th, 2022.


During the convention, world leaders and notable stakeholders, ranging from investors, policy makers, NGO’s, academia, government bodies, and of course, entrepreneurs and innovators, have gathered together to facilitate conversations and develop solutions to tackle the global climate crisis. These solutions include: mitigation efforts, adaptation and resilience strategies, natural resource allocation and conservation, climate finance, and many more. 

Cop was full of contagious optimism and energy, with industry players taking diverse approaches to implement innovative solutions to solve the biggest challenge of our generation, climate change. It was thrilling to engage in conversations and open dialogues and share our knowledge and experiences with others in the space.

But what exactly is the UN’s COP27?

Short for Conference of Parties, COP is the supreme decision-making forum of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), bringing signatory governments together once a year to discuss and agree how to jointly address climate change and its impacts. The ‘parties’ of the COP are the governments which have signed the UNFCCC global agendas, such as the Kyoto Protocol or Paris Agreement.

לקראת ועידת האקלים בשארם א-שייח' התקיים כינוס הכנה למשלחת הישראלית הכוללת  נציגי מגזר ציבורי, רשויות מקומיות, חברות סטארט-אפ בתחומי האקלים, נציגי מגזר  עסקי, נציגים מהחברה האזרחית ומהאקדמיה | המשרד להגנת הסביבה

The Israeli climate tech delegation to COP27 was selected during PLANETech World 2022. As an official partner of Israel’s climate tech delegation, Nadav Steinmetz was asked to join the judging committee and help select ten of these promising and innovative startups to represent Israel at this global convention.

The climate tech startups selected to showcase Israel’s impressive technological advances and climate impact within versatile domains and sectors are as follows:

  1. H2Pro – Clean Energy Systems
  2. Beewise – Climate Smart Agriculture; Biodiversity
  3. Remilk – Alternative Proteins
  4. UBQ Materials – Novel Materials; Circularity
  5. GenCell Energy – Clean Energy Systems;  Smart Mobility & Transport
  6. HomeBiogas – Eco-Efficient Water Infrastructure; Circularity
  7. Aleph Farms – Alternative Proteins
  8. Groundwork BioAg – Climate Smart Agriculture; Soil Health
  9. – Transparent & Agile Supply Chains; Extreme Weather Events; Earth Observations
  10. Williot – Transparent & Agile Supply Chains

Counting down the days until COP28, which is scheduled to take place in Dubai. Access to information on Israel’s climate tech delegation can be found here.