Nomea Featured in Startup Basecamp Publication

Leading climate tech investors sharing insights and fundraising tips for building a successful climate tech venture.

Over the last year, Startup Basecamp’s podcast has interviewed over 30 climate tech investors about how they fund exemplary and impactful startups. These sectioned podcast interviews begin with gaining insights from different founders and investors about the direction the climate tech market is headed, what emerging technologies to look out for, regulatory barriers in the space, and expectations for the future. 

With the conclusion of each episode, podcast host Guilaume De Dorlodot would ask investors to share key advice into fundraising, strategy, and business development for founders. These tips were filtered and organised into a 2-part series called, “5 Fundraising Tips From Climate Tech Investors.”

With a compilation of tips, these insights were divided into two parts: 

1. Connecting & Networking

2. Pitching & Convincing 

Nadav was delighted to participate and share the knowledge that he gained from his experiences and journey as a climate tech investor.

Listed below are the list of compiled tips: 

  1. Build your community
  2. Prepare your materials
  3. Do your research
  4. Produce quality over quantity
  5. Build relationships

  1. Communicate effectively
  2. Tell a good story
  3. Know your numbers
  4. No bulls**t
  5. Do your homework

Find out more details and who said what by accessing the links below:

  • Full access to Part-1 can be found here.
  • Full access to Part-2 can be found here

Gain exclusive access to Startup Basecamp’s podcast here.

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