Nomea Featured on Brave New Earth Podcast

Tune in to a vivid conversation about the $5 trillion climate tech opportunity between Harry Mac and Nadav Steinmetz.

During the interview, Nadav and Harry touched on a range of topics revolving around climate tech. This included conversations addressing why climate tech is the next big thing, what technologies are going to transform the world, and Nomea’s investment strategy and industry focus. Further expanding on his personal and professional experiences, Nadav shared his insights on which sectors will experience significant growth in the future, how to become an effective investor, what skills to look out for in climate entrepreneurs, and even where the next generation of unicorns will be found.

Additionally, they discussed the existing funding gap in early stage climate tech deals. As Nadav stated “In 2021, only 2% of the total venture capital investment that was directed to climate tech went to pre-seed and seed stage startups. 98% of capital went to series A and onwards”. In order to increase the rate of innovation and commercialize new technologies, it is vital to invest in early stage companies.

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At its core, Nomea is founder-centric, supporting ambitious entrepreneurs who are trying to solve big problems that will potentially have a massive impact. Both Nadav and Harry were in agreement that it’s essential for climate tech entrepreneurs, who tend to be seasoned experts in their respective fields, to have strong storytelling skills in order to appropriately engage key players within the space. 

Brave New Earth is a podcast that’s all about building, scaling, and investing in impact brands within climate tech. Their mission is to not only promote current founders from growing their climate ventures, but also to inspire a new generation of founders, investors, scientists, and creators to build a better future for our planet earth.

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