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Nomea Featured on the Greener Tech Podcast

Nadav sat down with Charles Pearce for a wide ranging conversation about early stage climate tech investing, Nomea’s journey and future strategy.

During their conversation, they discussed the current landscape for founders raising investment, the opportunities as well as the barriers and challenges that entrepreneurs face. Nadav explained Nomea’s investment strategy, industry focus and value proposition, and the various ways in which our team support founders in their journey from ideation to commercialization. It is our core belief that being founder centric and focusing on the needs of our portfolio companies allows us to support founders and unlock their full potential.

They covered:

  • Nadav’s career journey
  • Why he decided to raise money for environmental issues
  • The current landscape in climate tech for founders who are raising capital
  • Good sectors to invest in
  • Innovation in battery technology
  • The challenges founders face in the climate tech space

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