Nomea Featured on The Tech 4 Climate Podcast

Nadav sat down with Guillaume De Dorlodot for a conversation about climate tech, the future of battery technology and Nomea’s investment strategy.

“Electrification is not a trend, it’s a revolution, and batteries are at the forefront”

During their conversation, they covered a wide range of topics, from Nadav’s personal background and path to climate investments, to emerging technologies in the decarbonization space. Nadav shed some light on the global battery market, covering the main drivers, emerging innovations, dynamic between Europe, USA and China and the upcoming technologies that will increase the adoption of electric vehicles.

Nadav also spoke about how batteries can become more sustainable amidst this electrification revolution, and explained the various challenges players across the battery value chain face, while emphasizing the importance of battery recycling to create a circular supply chain.

In their discussion, Nadav explained Nomea’s investment strategy and value proposition, and the various ways in which our team can support founders in their journey from ideation to commercialization. It is our core belief that being founder centric and focusing on the needs of our portfolio companies allows us to support our founders and unlock their full potential.

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