Nomea is Investing in Decarbonization Game Changes

We focus on five main verticals in the race to net zero!

Nomea supports bold entrepreneurs building transformative climate technologies that will slash emissions at scale and become massively profitable enterprises across five sectors. Our thesis is that these decarbonization game changers will become the backbone of the net zero economy and transform into the world’s most valuable companies.

Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV) developed a useful framework laying out the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions – the five grand challenges. Going from emitting 51bn tons of emissions today to net zero in less than three decades, requires significant innovation and adoption of new breakthroughs in manufacturing (31% of emissions), electricity (27%), agriculture (19%), transportation (16%) and buildings (7%).

We back brilliant founders who are developing economically viable technologies that can significantly reduce emissions. Below is a high level overview of the opportunities that exist in each of these sectors.

Industry & Materials

Manufacturing of cement, steel, plastic and textile accounts for nearly a third of emissions worldwide. Opportunities in this sector necessitate innovation in production processes, zero carbon materials, waste minimization and disposal, and carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Renewable Energy

Electricity is responsible for 27% of global emissions. While the cost of wind and solar has reached historic lows, further innovation in the distribution and storage of low-carbon electricity is required. AI and ML will be essential in increasing the resiliency of the smart grid.

Food & Agriculture

Agriculture accounts for 19% of emissions. Bringing these emissions to zero while still meeting growing food demands, will require innovation in scaling alternative protein sources, boosting crop yields, improving soil management, and minimizing the use of fertilizers.

Mobility & Transport

Transportation represents about one sixth of global CO2e emissions. Innovation in this sector must focus on the development and rollout of electric vehicles, high performance batteries, low-carbon fuels, green hydrogen and the digital and physical infrastructure to accommodate the global electrification.

Built Environment

Buildings make up 7% of total greenhouse gas emissions. From greener materials, cleaner industrial processes, improving energy efficiency, scaling electric heating and cooling systems, we must find new ways to build and use buildings without emitting carbon dioxide.

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