Nomea on The CleanTechies Podcast

Nadav sat down with CleanTechies host, Silas Mähner, to share his experiences within the climate tech space, insights on Nomea’s investment strategy, and advice for future founders launching their company.

During the interview, Silas and Nadav spoke about a range of topics, from emerging trends in climate tech, Nomea’s industry focus, and exciting opportunities in the space. The four key areas they covered are:

  • Nadav’s personal background and entrance into climate
  • Why he co-founded One for the World Columbia
  • All about Nomea, the journey, experience setting up, how we operate, and Nadav’s advice to others seeking to set up a climate tech fund
  • Nadav’s advice to climate tech founders
  • How we support our portfolio companies
  • Why climate tech is ‘recession proof’
  • Finally, Nadav’s future market outlook
“CO2 is a molecule, we can’t just put it in the cloud…” – Nadav Steinmetz

Nadav was pleased to share insights and tips for founders on topics such as:

  • How to pitch and build an impressive and efficient deck
  • The importance of keeping it simple
  • Focusing on the solution, and not just on the problem
  • How to navigate the current macroeconomic downturn

The CleanTechies Podcast was created by Silas Mähner, to promote the various benefits of climate technologies by hosting conversations with enthusiasts, professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, advocates, and inventors within the space. Silas is an experienced headhunter within the renewable energy, climate tech, and ESG sectors, as well as the founder of ErthTechLabs; a climate tech consultancy group connecting early-stage founders with capital, co-founders, and advisors. 

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