Nomea Speaks at The University of Bath

It was a pleasure speaking at the University of Bath and sharing insights about Nomea’s history, our investment strategy and our contribution towards a net zero future.

Nadav was happy to speak about the role of climate tech investments in paving the way to net zero, our due diligence process at Nomea as we assess new opportunities and explain why decarbonization is an investment opportunity that amounts to trillions of dollars.

Today, more than ever before, pursuing a career in climate tech is something that all graduating students should strongly consider. The amount and quality of talent that transitions into climate related careers is magnificent, and we encourage more young professionals to do so. The students of today are in the best position to envision how the future is going to look like, and what kind of technologies are going to shape our lives. The younger generation also holds the responsibility and the power to drive change, and there is no better opportunity to do so than in the climate tech space where one can combine his investment expertise and interest with the passion for sustainability.

At the end of the talk, there was an engaging Q&A session that allowed for a more interactive discussion around the psychology of investments, ways to develop soft and hard skills through internships, and how to maintain the right mindset in order to keep growing and evolving professionally. 

Thank you again for the kind invitation, we would be delighted to come again in the future.

To learn more about the Student of Bath Investment Club, visit their website here.

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