Scaling up Battery Recycling Technologies

Building a circular supply chain for lithium-ion batteries is vital in the transition from internal combustion engine cars to electric vehicles.

As the electric vehicles market grows, a new battery recycling industry emerges. This growth highlights a clear need to scale innovative recycling technologies that are both environmentally friendly and economically viable to meet the EV demand and establish a sustainable battery value chain. Companies are racing to develop cutting edge recycling methods to recover critical battery materials without emitting greenhouse gases.

Batteries are composed of many substances masked together tightly. Obtaining the various components and refining constituent materials at high enough purity is a real technical challenge!  

Hydrometallurgy is the leading method for recycling lithium-ion batteries sustainably. It uses aqueous solutions and a chemical process to enable the recovery of valuable battery metals.

Scaling up battery recycling production is necessary for minimizing the carbon footprint of batteries and promoting a circular supply chain.

Download the 5 step process of lithium-ion battery recycling using hydrometallurgy here.