What we value

We partner with exceptional founders who share our values. They have raw ambition, grit and are determined to fix the climate crisis

One team one goal

We operate in a culture of transparency, teamwork and trust to fulfil our vision of reversing the effects of climate change. We work as one united team and appreciate each individual’s contribution to our collective goal.


We consider our impact on society and the environment not just through our investments, but through daily actions and constant learning.


Our investments go beyond the business economics, as we see our stakeholders as partners and believe that a climate tech revolution can only be achieved through successful collaborations.

Setting up for success

We take pride in the work that we do and constantly evaluate our performance. We appreciate the grit and perseverance it takes to succeed, and are committed to building category defining companies.


We trust in people’s ability to generate breakthrough ideas. We believe that innovation will bring the world closer to the goal of achieving net zero emissions.

Supporting resilient climate tech founders